Trigger Multiple Signals Rule Example Map


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Hello All,

This is my first post to the forums though I have been using Trainz 2006 for some time. I had quite a time getting used to surveyor and have experimented with the many wonderful addons that are available. I got the TMS Rule and went looking for info on how to implement it but found few posts and fewer that gave a good description on implementation. The same is true for many other addons. It seems that many users, once they understand something, have a hard time giving step by step instructions for the 'Confused'.

After playing around with the TMS Rule, I decided to make a small (7 tile) route sample showing the incredible possibilities when using TMS Rule. I would love to upload this to the download station but am totally clueless on how to proceed. If some kind soul wouldn't mind I would appreciate a "hand held" walk through of the process.

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