Transdem UK maps.


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Hi all,I have just completed the Muengsten tutorial for Transdem and I am now looking for UK maps to use. Can anyone tell me where i can find the right sort of maps please!

Thank you!
Historical Ordnance Survey mapping is available within TransDEM, so you could try this as well.

To find out go to:
Raster Map / Map Tile Servers / Map Source / Provider .....

Note that you need to use "Provider - 1 MS Virtual Earth" to locate then zoom into your preferred location. Then use the drop down 'Provider' to switch to
the other options which include a series of UK mapping sites. Personally, I like '8 Historic UK' which offers historic OS maps going back to before the mass closure of lines, so very good for the older routes which may have closed in the 50s or 60s.

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MS Virtual also includes in itself an option for current OS Maps (under sub heading "Other 1", I think) once zoomed in to a suitable level. Both 1:50000 and 1:25000 coverage is available. Very powerful tool!

The historic UK links to the Sabre Map collection which is supremely useful for doing historical routes (and Sabre Maps itself is a site where you can lose all sense of passing time...).