trainzkuidindex problems


autistic trainzer
So I use this tool to find some missing kuids for some of the content I download cuz sometimes they aren't there. I'm trying to recover my password for the site to log in and it keeps giving me an error. does anybody know what's going on?
Since one month the site is attacked by spam robots, making most of the forms in the site unusable.
I am trying to fix it.
Sorry, it will take several days.

What I can't believe is only 52 people have donated to the site!

C'mon man!!

Yes. Absolutely unbelievable! One of the most common problems w/ Trainz is "where-o-where be' that dependency"? Then when Pierreparis comes along to try and help us all with this most common of problems; people don't even donate $10 -the price of a movie ticket; or food for two at a fast-food joint?! The man has had my donation for some time... and I suggest everyone please donate! :(
Since Hminky first stated 52 people have donated, the current amount of donors has gone up to 65. While that is a slight improvement over last... this is still quite pitiful! :( C'mon people!!! Pierreparis is doing us a great work!