Trainz Real Estate or Give me a Home Under the Gum Trees or Another Real Life Adventu


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Check this out 3 old QR carrages on 40 acres of OZ Bush NO Power/Phone/INTERNET! Cooya Queensland now Cooya is a town? :eek: its a Pub/Servo/Intersection.......LOL That flooded so bad once in the early eighties everything was washed away...anyway its at the bottom of the Toowoomba range north west sorta on the way to Kingaroy or Yarraman (Tarong Power station) up that way now my partner was surfin the real estate sits the other day and she said "Look at this" :eek:
I have been there..................................
$69,something I looked at this property in 1994 it was then $30,something and the wagons were original paint brass trimmings ect
in the middle of nowhere great for a weekender or if you had mega bucks to improve coutyard between the first n second cars they are stepped out on the side of a hill





Looks very quiet and nice and cosy Dreddman, only thing is, if there's no power and internet connection, I cannot play TRAINZZZZZZZZ....:'(

Cheerz. ex-railwayman.
Bring your battery powered laptop, lol. With extra charged batteries. But, you'll only be able to play what you already have, you won't be able to go to this site and download or view forums.
Geez Dredd! Nex' you'll be making yourself a Ned Kelly suit of armour and livin' off the proceeds of payroll holdups! :hehe:

Electricity ain't a problem; just use some of those gazillion poisonous spiders youse jokers have over there and put them in a ferris wheel hooked up to a generator.

More than playin' Trainz you'll need electricity to keep ya beer cold (unless you've succumbed to that bizarre Pommie aberation, warm beer!)

Old railway carriages met a similar fate over here too although they tended to be put at the mouths of salmon bearing rivers rather than the bush.

The old steam engines would frequently end up IN rivers as stop banks. A sad end methinks.


if theres no electricity, why is there a fridge to the left of the last picture? :p

very nice and quiet i bet :D
I dunno, it looks like a cabinet to me...

But yeah, that looks nice. Once you get past the lack of electricity and internet, of course. :hehe:
Beer, ladies and a railcar party!:wave: Just a minute my wife is choking me...:confused:
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