Trainz Plus to TRS22 PE

I've been a Trainz Plus guy for the past couple of years, but I don't use enough of the benefits for it to be worth the price. I really only wanted it for the access to Surveyor 2.0. Currently, there is a sale on TRS22 PE, so I purchased that, thinking that since it includes 2.0, I wouldn't need Trainz Plus anymore.

My question is; Do I need to D/L the TRS 22PE, or will my current install of TRS22 with Trainz Plus just not degrade once my subscription is up? That is to say, will I still maintain my access to Surveyor 2.0 after my subscription lapses?

Thanks for the reply...
You should download TRS22 PE. Your copy of Trainz Plus will not work after the subscription expires. TRS22 PE which is a different program by the way, includes more than 2000 scenery assets that aren't available in Trainz Plus. There are instructions here in this forum on how to move your own content to TRS22 PE. You can leave Trainz Plus installed if you wish but it does use a lot of disk space.
If I remember right, you can’t edit HD Terrain routes in PE, only plus. You can convert routes to 5/10m grid and then edit them.