Trainz Plus Beta 117092 & TRS22 Pre-Release 117118

allo Antoine, this could be the same issue, you can see in the beta Schwaninger land thread
what now is know as "the red carpet" bug, as if surveyor only no longer works as before
there is a fix but not sure I want to fix thousands of items here

I wonder if the default was changed to the surveyor-only tag so that this tag now has to be implicit in the assets. With assets that don't have the tag, and there will be gazillions of them, then these assets will display their hidden parts in driver.
Hi everyone,

Another issue after patching : this asset "PML3 route invisible" (<KUID2:169344:29998:1>) is normally invisible in driver mode, this is no longer true after the update.

I see no change in this item. It is not invisible in surveyor or driver. In TS12 and TRS19 its behavior is the same.

Looking at the asset I don't see how it can be invisible. There is nothing in the description but I suspect you have to bury it below ground level because the height is defined as -1 in the config.
kuid                                    <kuid2:169344:29998:1>
type                                    "PML3"
region                                  "France"
light                                   1
category-class                          "SR"
category-region-0                       "FR"
category-era-2                          "1990s"
category-era-0                          "2000s"
category-era-1                          "2010s"
trainz                                  "build 2.0"
height                                  -1
length                                  2
grounded                                0.4
istrack                                 0
width                                   1
bendy                                   1
isroad                                  1
carrate                                 10
description                             "invisible road"
trainz-build                            2
asset-filename                          "roadinv"
kind                                    "track"
username                                "PML3 route invisible"
author                                  "pml3"

Bob Pearson
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Hi everyone,

I would like to know if with this new patch there have been changes to the trains's rolling sounds on the tracks. If so, this "new" sound is unbearable, even at low noise levels.


I only have this sound problem on one map. I just tested a few for verification.

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I just proceeded to replace the rails of the map with the same rails and ... this unpleasant noise disappeared like magic. I didn't really understand what happened. Finally, problem solved.
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Hi all,

I've been trying out TRS22 build 117092 for the past couple of days. I was previously on TRS19 SP3 as the problems with SP4 stopped me moving to that SP. I briefly decided to bite the bullet and upgraded to SP5 HF1 last week but got TRS22 the next day as part of Plus and I have to say it is the best version of Trainz I have ever used.

No issues so far apart from one teeny tiny one relating to the date on the filter box (bug report submitted). The lighting is great, the physics appear to have been upgraded (I drive in cab mode and it feels brilliant), no broken or missing assets, all DLC working as normal and no script errors or anything. Even the procedural track appears to have been updated in some form as I am not getting any missing/overlapping/skewed sleepers or rails on points like in TRS19 so a big thumbs up from me!

I really like the new, basic compass and the UI in general is significantly cleaner and sharper. I have only briefly toyed with Surveyor 2.0 (it is a big learning curve) however I have found it to be useful and I can see massive potential with it so I am looking forward to the future.

Great work N3V!


Hi Tony, is there any news about the patching error on the Mac affecting Monterey 12.3 users that I mentioned on March 16?
Hi Tony,

I think this looks to be the best build I've seen, however, I've encountered an issue that I do not believe existed prior to this build:

Startup Option rule: when the current control method is set to Ask user, if, at the start of the session the user selects either Cab or DCC Mode, it switches to manual control and brings to a halt the focused consist's schedule. You have to manually select Continue Schedule for it to start up again. Another way round this is of course to untick 'Focus Camera on First Driver' in the Driver Setup rule. No other consists with schedules are affected - not sure if this is correct behaviour?

A further, separate point, but whilst playing the ICE 985 session in the new Schwaninger Land the sound is very jerky when speed is picked up, noticeably so when riding in one of the passenger coaches.

Hi All,

Im curious before patching to this next version, did this fix the Issue with the Superliner cars for West from Denver? (Pertaining to the Passenger Product)
Hi All,

Im curious before patching to this next version, did this fix the Issue with the Superliner cars for West from Denver? (Pertaining to the Passenger Product)

As far as I can tell the error has been repaired since I now longer receive any missing dependencies for that route.
Found a new problem by accident. I have had all my industry active assets on their own layer and when I recently hid the layer a lot of the attached track still remained visible. Some of these attached tracks no longer had the track spline attachment point and had been disconnected from the track spline.
Some stations are in the route layer but the track is in the industry layer. I've had to move the asset to another layer and check that that it goes invisible and then move it back to the industry layer.
My water cranes also have the detached track but also no spline points to attach track. These are packaged assets
<kuid:68236:28051> Water Crane GER
<kuid2:68236:28050:1> Water Crane GWR
<kuid2:68236:28053:1> Water Crane LMS
I don't think that this is a new issue.

My general rule since layers were first introduced is to place all track and track assets (trackmarks, triggers, direction and priority markers being the exceptions) in the same layer - the route-layer. This includes industry active assets and passenger enabled stations, I did some experiments back in those early days where I placed different track objects in different layers and the results did not go well. See but the images on the hosting service I used back then have not survived the 12 years.

Since then I have not had any such problems when following this rule.
Newly placed assets do appear in the correct layers, it's only the ones that got imported into newer versions from 2010 and going through Tane, TRS19, and TRS22.
<kuid:68236:28051> Water Crane GER
<kuid2:68236:28050:1> Water Crane GWR
<kuid2:68236:28053:1> Water Crane LMS

When did these last work as expected? It looks like a content configuration issue.