Trainz not saving work in Surveyor but shows work in Driver only


This same problem has been plaquing me since the beginning and by now I'm quite mad. I did a lot of work yesterday on a route that I made (I mainly added TRC crossing across the map - this will come up later), saved it, and turned off the computer. I came back today and all of my work was gone in Surveyor. It was like I didn't save - BUT I DID! But wait there's more; I can go to Driver Mode and drive the newest session and all of my work is there. Every bit. I switch into Surveyor, and it's gone. This same thing happened to me before, but the entire route was deleted except the textures and the terrain. And the same thing happens on that route - I'll go into Driver and each session has only every asset I placed on that day or on that time I saved the route. I lost an entire route to this bug or whatever this is - I'm not losing this new one.

Things I've tried:
Zooming all the way out to map view and zooming back in - nothing
Driving newest session - (explained above)
Looking at layers - The only layers are the route layer and session layer (everything is on the route layer and the route layer is visible)
Crying - no effect
Exiting game - no effect
Praying - no effect
Looking at Manage Content > Routes > List Dependencies > Searching for "TRC" - there was no TRC crossings in MC
Yelling at my computer angrily - hurt my throat and no effect
Saving in Driver and going to Surveyor - no effect

Please help me!
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My guess is you did all the work in the Session and not the route.

Simple fix:
Edit Session
Merge Session layer to Route layer
Save As <new name>
Load the newly name route
Everything is there.
That didn't work I think because I dint merge the layers right. I went into edit session but couldn't find anything that would let me merge the route layer with the session layer so I went to the layer tab in surveyor and merged a copy of the session layer with the route layer and saved as a new name and the route was the same. I did this on the route that was completely deleted or lost and it didn't work. I'm afraid to do it on the other route where I just lost a day of work because that route is much bigger and has way more work and I don't want to lose that one too.

What is the correct way to do it? Click by click.
Make a very simple route/session and check that is all ok, modify it, check again, then return to your main work.