Trainz New Build Help Please. Simple I know it.


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Could someone please help me.
I patched from 49922 to 61388
Main problem with investigation. JR Payware. Most of my payware locomotives.

Error: The tag 'image' in '0' points to a nonexistent file: 'speedo.tga'.

I feel this made my awesome real consist set to go faluty as well, so I
bypass checking those errors.

OK, and I updated because who cares! I bought Cold Creek Logistics and
I think its downright cool! T-ANE is right around the corner and I know
my copy is going to have trainz bounceing around all kinds!
Running Hard, we call it on the railroad. Thats just what I'm going to do with my
TS2012 till I make the move to A New Era.
This error message can be fixed very simply by editing config of the item labeled as faulty (speedo.tga is a cab only thing, though, I think.) and change the text in there from speedo.tga to be speedo.texture instead, and then submit edits. Should fix it all right there.
You may also want to install the SP1 updates from JR's site, as they may already have fixed that issue in one of the updates.