Trainz jitter/environment lag


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Hey I'm wondering if I'm the only one noticing a jitter/rubber band effect in trainz 2019 and 2022. It's almost like a micro stutter. My fps and frame time are 100% stable. I've tried it with vsync on/off and even turning off gsync on my monitor, but there's still a little stutter. I've already tried it on two separate computers, A i7 9700 with a rtx 2060 with 32gb of ram and the other build was a rtx 3060ti with a 5600x and 32gb of ram but there's still a jitter/rubber banding effect. I've tried all the obvious steps like turning all the graphics settings low then running test, but there's still that jitter/micro stutter. I highly doubt its my hard drive since I'm on a nvme drive . I've seen some post that it could be the hud causing this problem. Ive done done some test with the hud off by pressing the f5 key but the jitter still lingers but its way more smooth and jitters less often. Is there anyway to fix this? I just want to clarify that im not having low fps, (i can hit almost 200 fps with no fps cap ) my pc is not thermal throttling. i am not going beyond the fps limit of my monitor or anything along those lines. i really think it has something to do with the hud by pressing f5 and the game engine. when the hud is on i really see those jitters. doesn't matter if the graphic settings are low or high i still see the jitter. doesn't matter if i use the in game frame limiter starting from 60hz 144hz 165 hz there's is still that rubber banding and jitter effect. its like the game engine itself is lagging. ive went as far as making a copy of the map that im using and looked at multiple assets that the performance statistics shows on screen that could be causing this and deleted them but still jitters. i tried going in the discord help server that is mention on the trainz website to get some help but i just got answers like "it's just something to put up with since there's not really any equivalent alternative game out there" and "trainz just kinda stutters sometimes, as long as it's not keeping the game from being playable then it's just something to deal with" i honestly appreciate the help i got from there but jitters\stuttering in a game is a big no no for me especially when it happens every 2 seconds. ive included two links with screenshots with the hud on and off. my frame time spikes so high when its on.
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