Trainz Classics


CSX engineer
Hi all! Does anyone know why Aurans main website is down? Im trying to buy Trainz Classics but cant get in. Is anyone else having the same problem?:eek:

I think they are doing some matienece or something seeing as the DLS was down for a good portion of the day yesterday.
And lucky you getting classics,my computer would die!
Now it does not work again! It killed over when I went to go put in my master card number.:'(
LOL that just happend with the DLS aswell,I was goin to DL something and it rolled over and died on me. So I would wait until its totally stable to buy it so nothing goes wrong.
at first i couldnt even get on the site, so basically, i waited, it felt like forever, in a way, when i finally got on i had no problems getting it (apart from extreme lag) and in about 1-3 weeks ill have it :udrool::mop: (assuming it actually gets there:eek:)