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i would like to know if anybody including anl making freeware UP steam locos

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Just curious, why are so many people so obsessed with UP steam? I feel like a disproportionate number of people post about it here. There are lots of engines existing today and thousands that were scrapped that would be nice to see people taking an interest in. I know that the UP engines are some of the only ones that can run on mainlines, but that alone doesn't logically justify the huge following UP steam has. Is it hard for me to understand because I like branchlines and shortlines more? I'd think that big mainline stuff would be less popular since building a route for it is more intensive than placing a few miles of shortline track.

I'm not trying to be rude, I genuinely don't see why people like the UP steam so much. I don't hate it, it just isn't my favorite.
I was in the same boat as you for the longest time MeowRailroad. I wasn't interested too much in the Union Pacific for the longest time, however recently I've had a change in heart. The history, the challenges and of course the steam locomotives make the Union Pacific so much more attractive than it was previously. Recently I've become fascinated in the history of the UPs large articulated steam power, not just the already famous Challengers and Big Boys, but also 2-8-8-2 UP's ex-N&W Y3s and 2-8-8-0 Bull Mooses. I also am interested in their smaller motive power, namely the MK-series Mikados, P Type Pacific's and the large Mountains. I don't feel the staple locomotives get enough attention so I've been trying to recreate them in Trainz as well as making more Challengers and Big Boys. I'm planning on using all my photo reskined engines for a large YouTube project later on so look out for that too.