Trainz 2006 BLueStar Glitch


Aka, WestRail42fan
Hi, im not sure if anyone else has had this problem but for me the content thats comes wit hthe hawes juction route in trainz 2006 have a glitch


built-in engines and rolling stock effected:
PaulHobbs's Fowler 4f, BR 12T Fitted Shock Van, BR 12T Fitted Van, BR 13T Steel Open Diag 1/019, BR 8T Cattle Wagon and BR Conflat A Diag 1/061
Pikkabird's BR Freight CAR Brake Bauxite

DLS engines and rolling stock effected:
LieLestroSbrat's 9F's
Skipper1945's 14xx and 55xx
30583 (Trainz4ever)'s Terriers

the 9f's, the 14xx and the 55xx use bluestar and pikkabird's low and high vac

this glitch for some reason does'nt effect Pikkabird's class 37 and PaulHobb's Ex-LMS 12t box van and EX-PO 8 plank truck

im struck on whats gone wrong plz help