BR Goods Wagons - First used...


Wondering whether someone learned in BR matters could assist me...

I've been looking for the years in which certain BR rollingstock was introduced but I haven't been able to find much on the web (lots of photos but not much specific data). I want to ensure that the rollingstock I use in my sessions is reasonably prototypical...

Could anyone assist me with the years that the following rollingstock classes first went into service (or point me in the direction of a website that might help me)?

BR 8t Cattle Wagon
BR 12t Fitted Van
13t Steel Open Diag 1/019
BR 12t Fitted Shock Van
BR Conflat A Diag 1/061
MCO Open Wagon
HTO Hopper Wagon
HTV Hopper Wagon
MCV Open Wagon
MDV Open Wagon
HAA Hopper Wagon
HBAHopper Wagon
TEA Tanker
MCA Bogie Open Wagon
MBA Bogie Open Wagon
MDA Bogie Open Wagon

In anticipation, many thanks indeed!

I"m not an expert on wagons (or anything else) but I know that the first 9 wagons on your list are derivatives of LNER or LMS wagons so they would be used from the inception of the much missed British Railways in 1948.Which period are you modelling?
I prefer the pre-Beeching period but I realise some of the wagon I listed are quite modern (such as the bogie opens I listed). I've also been kicking around the idea of a modern industrial mini-layout...

The MBAs were introduced in the 1990s I believe. MCAs and MDAs are slightly later (2000/2001) being cut down versions of the MBA due to the larger wagons being overloaded in service.

To Eldavo and Lewisner, thanks!

I was told that the MCO and it's similar friends (MCV,MDV) were built in the 1950s. I presume the HTO and HTV were built after that. Anyone with more specific info?