trainz 12 mojave to bakersfield - am i supposed to be pulling a long freight consist?


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I installed Trainz 12 recently and trying out the Mojave Sub Divisions session "Mojave to Bakersfield" in it the train i am driving for the session is just 4 locomotives - are there supposed to be carriages i am pulling?

later on in th esession when i am required to pull into woodford siding, the message tells me my consist is the max length allowable for the route - which suggests to me that my consist is missing. how could this be and how can i fix this?

also while waiting a woodford siding, the other train that passed me, its last to cars derailed in front of me just where the siding ends - the derail cars were blocking my route -though being that trainz has rather little physics when it comes to objects on the track, i just drove through them and carried on - though is this derailment supposed to happen?
The built-in content for Mojave tends to bug out sometimes for no reason - yes, you are supposed to have freight cars behind you.
Trainz 12 Mojave Sub - all sessions have my consist missing freight

I am presuming in all teh Mojave Sub Division scenarios i am supposed to be pulling some freight yes? i just checked the 4 scenarios i have for Mojave Sub Divions in Trainz 12 and in none of them are my engines pulling anything - i had hoped my other post could have gotten some help, but it did not, so i hope this one can instead - is tehre a way to correc this or should i just add the missing freight cars, not sure what how many i am supposed to add though
You can check in the Content Manager to see if there are missing or faulty rolling stock assets for the sessions.

For the <kuid2:487560:100002:7> Mojave To Bakersfield session you should have 41 train assets. If you are missing one the consist will not display.
okay well just sticking with that kuid <kuid2:487560:100002:7> you gave me - how do i make any sense of this? there do appear to be missing dependencies, but when i just to get ones that at least show t e little DS marking to indicate they are in the DLS, i select to download and then it just says obsolete - and then i look at the asset versions and i have a version installed, i assume is newer, but the asset wants the obsolete one? how am to swap out these things, - not that i want to or have the free time to spend days doing these for each and ever little asset within and asset

is the Jointed Rail Mojave Sub just broken because i presume a newer version is out for TANE and or Trainz 19?