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1. Is it possible to use dynamic message displaying things, for example, a subway train may have the destination shown up with LEDs. is it possible to implement such thing?

would be awesome if it changes the destination name once the train reverses directions.

2. How would one program the door open/close SOUNDS into the trains or do you need to create a driver session to make it work?
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1. Yes, but that would require scripting
2. I believe you would have to create a driver session
And it would be cool to change the destination signs when the train reverses direction.
There is a rule to do that already on the DLS.

There are three parts to this:

1) You need to have destination signs that work. The DLR DMUs have them as well as a few other trains like some of those from Magicland.

2) You need to download the following items made by Peter Dehnert.

Change Destination Sign ---- This is a rule
File Name: kuid2_206816_99003_1.cdp

File Name: kuid2_206816_99004_1.cdp

Hope this helps. I think this is all of the items needed.