Track with Embankments.


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Hi, all.
I'm hoping to find a very specific track-ballast-embankment combination so I guess I'm going to have to make it myself.

I just now finally unpacked my Ruby-TMIX after all these months. I think if I have a mesh and the basic textures I can get this done. Is there anything I should know about before I attempt this? I have the TMIX manual, of course...

Ewwww. Just had a look around 3D-Warehouse... I am definitely going to need some mesh for rails and embankments ... Hopefully I can make these after I read the TMIX manual.

Ideas? Suggestions?

Many thanks.

Re-skin a existing track on the DLS to suit your needs, as there are many embankment tracks.

Sketchup and RubyTmix would make a super high poly track detrimental to framerates.

As for re-skinning tracks, I reskinned MP Track Wood v2 and enlarged the image size to huge, and made high details to the ties and ballast, and it looks high detail, for a chunky mesh track.
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As cascaderailroad said, I found an existing embankment with track I didn't like and substituted with SAM Track and some others. This gave me track that matched the rest of my route and everything works pretty well. Keep in mind that an embankment can't be replaced using the replace assets tool because the embankments are considered bridges.