Track transplant..major surgery


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Here's my problem...

I have many hours of grading and lying track on my route only to find out there is a section that's been removed due to filtering the DEM too hard. Is there a way that I can remake the same dem but not filter as hard, then "transplant" my already laid track on the new route? I fear the answer is "NO!". Thanks for the imput.
(Note to self: next time trace the ENTIRE route before starting:( )
You can't transplant the track onto a new route, but what you could do is create the new route and delete out of it the parts on which track has been laid on the original route. Next delete the bad bits out of the first route. That should give you two exactly complimentary maps of the same route which when merged will give the best of both worlds.

Tricky, but not impossible....

Andy :)
Hi Rick,

Make your new DEM, make sure the upper northwest (I think it is that corner at least, try and see LOL) is the same in both files (thinking of a sort of X/Y grid here).
Then, use that to make a new route/map in Trainz.
Then, open the map you needed fixing as a folder in explorer
Open the new map/route as a folder in explorer
Copy the *.trk file from the old map over to the new map
Open the new map, and if I guessed the correct corner the track will be at the same location on the new map as it was on the old map, and you can now add in the missing parts on the baseboard you didn't make the first time around...

Being that your baseboards are on some sort of a invisible grid (kinda like the X & y in gmax...), and when adding/removing baseboard one might move the start of this grid, the above solutions might not be of very much use if the baseboards are moved - but only a test will show that to you as I know of no other way to check if the baseboard will move or not.
At least not without seeing the basic for the DEM route. :)

Dermmy had also a solution that work, but that takes longer time. :)

Good luck with it.

Best wishes

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Thanks for the replies.

Dermmy, I see how your idea would work, but this is a fairly long route and I think it would take me longer to delete all the dup. boards then lay all the track again.

Linda, thanks also. I'll give that a try.

This should make a interesting route when finished. The prototype was built in the late 1800's and abandoned in the 40's. It interchanges with a city at each end, and in between it travels several miles along the shores of a man made lake, through valleys and across flat farm lands. The railroad serviced about a dozen small towns to keep things interesting. While the prototype was standard gauge, I thought a "what-if" narrow gauge pike would be interesting. This would allow for daul gauge trackage at both interchanges.
Sections of this route are still used by NS and a five mile section is a land locked steam attraction, so some of the tigers are still there. Where the tigers are gone is where I got in trouble. My error only involves 3 baseboards...:mad:
Ok, I'm back on track:cool:

I thought of Linda's idea of keeping the NW corner the same, and expanded the idea. I knew all 4 corners where ok, so I simply took my filter.tga erased the section that was off and redrew the tiger in that section only. Then I recreated the DEM using the same filter setting as the first map. This kept all 4 corner coordinates the same. After laying my old trk file on the new map and a few minutes with a shovel to redo the grading...presto... I'm ready to lay the last 10 miles. Thanks for the idea Linda;)
Hi Rick,

Always glad to serve you know. ;)

Houses, trees, scenery objects can also be moved the same way, as they are in the obs file, while the ground info & textures hide away in the gnd file.

Nice to know info maybe... LOL

Enjoy your map building Rick.

BTW, thanks for the drawing, you know, Pencil42 has a similar/this car as a model already. :)

Best wishes

Sounds like an interesting route! As for the car, I'm not sure which one Linda's talking about, but if you want to do something similar to one of my cars; I'd be more than happy to give you the source files. Sometimes it's easier to modify something than create it from scratch :)
I'm looking forward to seeing the progress of your route!!

Hi Curtis,

Thanks for the offer, but Linda was only talking about a V&T ore car I gave her plans for. She's a gold diggin' gal and I thought she might be able to put a std gauge ore car to use some day. I checked your content, but I didn't see it listed. Did I miss it or was Linda mistaken. Either way, it was more a curiosity as I don't have any immedicate needs fo one.

Thanks again for the offer,

Ah-hah :)
Yes, I have that car in progress; a beta version is posted on my site (below). It still has some issues with the load animation, but I'm hoping to have it done (along with a bunch of other V&T stuff) in a couple weeks (ha ha!)
Please accept my apologies; I didn't mean to hijack your thread :)