Townsville Route Under Construction

A couple of wide view screen shots of Townsville, with at least one year and probably more, work to do.


And slightly closer, from Monkey Island, which is no longer an island.

So this website has gone screwy! Posted a reply then it said it was blank! I'll try this again. Has anyone any knowledge of Franglen / Frank as he hasn't been online since 12th March and a PM has gone unanswered?
I guess that answer is no. Hope we haven't lost him altogether? Meanwhile sadly I think I'll be closing my website, as the annual fees have jumped from about $250 to $500! I'd be lucky to cover 1/10th of that in sales. If I can get the energy (somewhat lacking since the knee replacement, I'll look at setting up a shop from the facebook page. Still slowly working on the route, plus sessions but don't expect anything too soon. Now to do some leg exercises before I continue.
Progress is being made on the Townsville route, but still hope to reduce the boards further as it had 1,725 back in May, although I've deleted quite a few since. Currently 59Mb with only a third landscaped and just over half the track laid.

Nice progress, and I hope your knee is coming along! I had a partial replacement December of 2019, and my wife has had full replacements of both. Given a couple of months recovery and exercises, I don't treat mine any different than I did before.
Two and a half months, still painful still a lot of exercises but at least I can sit at the pc! Townsville is mostly very flat terrain, hence I've gone wide - 5 baseboards each side as I hate driving and seeing the edge. Still expect to reduce the number of boards though, that's a must.
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Either their website was having a hissy fit, or they garbage mobile service here was having fluctuations! Let's try another pic!

Bohle River Airstrip constructed 1942, used by the RAAF including by 86 Squadron with P-40 Kittyhawks (Warhawks in American), and P 51 Mustangs later 1944-45. Also used by fighter squadrons of the USAAF.

I have finally laid all the track south to Giru, where the Invicta Sugar Mill just two months ago celebrated 100 years of operations. Still incomplete and still had the large yards to complete.