ToTR in Allentown, PA this past weekend


JointedRail Cust. Service
Well I think we had a REALLY good turnout at me and Rooneth3808's setup at the Allentown Train Meet Associates train meet here in Eastern Pennsylvania.

We had people at our table all day long, and we even had to kick a few people out at the end so we could tear down and leave before the hall kicked us out!!

TRS 2006 was well received from the attendees and several people bought copies at the show, so if you newbies are seeing this...Welcome!!

Here's a picture of our little setup at the show. Thanks goes out to ccordes for all his help setting this up! We are very hopeful that we can do this again in November.


Kevin Y
Looks nice. Got any more pics?


Truthfully the table was so swamped I only had enough time to take that one pic!

It was insane out there. Every time i turned around there was another person wanting to learn more, purchasing a copy, etc etc.

Definitely people interested in it!