Tornado Siren in Trainz.


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Since really no one but me has thought of it before, I thought I'd bring it up. Why hasn't no one ever thought of creating Tornado Siren sceanery for Trainz before I gave an attempt? It would help with relistic routes, as sometimes, there are tornado sirens close to a railroad.
Since really no one but me has thought of it before
I really, really like to see you proof that :hehe:.

I can imagine lots of creators thought of it before but that the main reason nobody made one yet (or those made did not become popular) is because of what they do: Make a terrible noise.
If you like to sit next to one, by all means go make one :hehe:.

I also don't really see the use of one in Trainz. It is a train simulator. Do you see yourself "play" a session in which you have to wait half an hour looking at a train from a distance until the tornedo siren stops? But by all means, proof me wrong.

Leeferr has made a lot of them. Look up Siren on the DLS.
O, look. I wonder why you, Zelda, did not thought of checking the DLS before claiming nobody thought of it :D .
Well, I just had a look, and he's only done a select few. They do look good, the only one I've beat him to is the Thunderbolt Siren.