Togog's Narrow Gauge Content

Hey Guys,
So I'm sure most of you are all aware of togog and his amazing narrow gauge content, however I'm just wondering if any of his rolling stock can be altered so that you can actually load them for example the passenger cars being able to load them with them up with passengers the gondola's with coal and so forth. I understand this is not anything absolutely necessary to enjoy his amazing content but it just something am wondering can be done. Also on another note I have noticed that some of the steam locos don't drive like others i.e. and I cant use the keys to drive them they have to be driven manually if that makes any sense. I will just make it clear that this is not a dig at his content I think all of his content is absolutely stunning, I guess it's more just down to personal use.

Regards, Railsimulator09.
P.S. I am working on my very first route and do plan to release it on the DLS once completed, it is my first so would love to hear feedback.
Since he doesn't have a license section in his config.txt stating what is allowed you must contact him to ask permission if you plan on releasing his content under your user name. The email address is in the config.txt.

If you only going to make changes to items for use on your PC then knock yourself out.
Hi railsim_09 --

Modifying so that passengers, coal, ... can be loaded:

Yes, it can be done.
You need download and install one of the PEVSoft tools, Attachment Maker (do a Google search).
You add an attachment mesh to the original mesh, add attachment points to the attachment mesh, then modify the config.txt.
It's not too difficult but does require some understanding of the process.
I did this to add the North American knuckle couplers to the French locomotive seen in this video:

Modifying togog locomotives:

These are of extremely high quality, but do need some modifications to work in Cab Mode in T:ANE, TRS19 and TRS22.
If you want an outline of the process, see my Post #27 in this thread:

It will walk you through the changes required. It was done in T:ANE. I'd be reasonably confident that it will work for all / most of togog's locomotives, and will work in TRS19 / TRS22.