To Archive or Disable?


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I have a couple of questions about what are the differences of either archiving routes or disabling routes?

Will either method improve the performance of trainz?

Hi Bob
Archiving a route is to take it out of the game completely and save it for use at a later date to disable it simply stops it showing up in surveyor or driver
Regards, Bob V
Hi Bob
Archiving a route is to take it out of the game completely ...
Regards, Bob V

Are you sure about that?

I just archived all my non built in assets to an external drive (including all routes - both downloaded and ones I have created myself). They are still all present in both Surveyor and Driver and available for use. The only difference is that CMP now shows an "archived" icon next to their names.

Archiving creates a backup copy of your assets in a form that CMP can easily restore if you accidentally delete them. The archive(s) can be moved, updated and deleted.

Peter Ware
Thanks Guys

I think I'll have to bite the bullet and get rid of lots of custom content or archive it to another drive and see if that helps. I was wondering if all that content slows down trainz just by beeing in the cmp files.

Thanks again.
All that content definitely slows down loading of the game, but I think once Trainz has what it needs for a route, it shouldn't need to look again. I have -keepallresources=1 in my trainzoptions which makes a difference jumping from surveyor to driver. I'm unimpressed with archiving. I kept the include dependencies checked and built-in content caused a flag. When I tried to install from archives, a lot of content was listed as new asset with a question mark. Another time though, I archived Clear Lake and moved it to a different computer and everything was there, all dependencies. I've got 23gb in my local folder and still haven't decided what's the best way. I'm leaning towards .cdps. While more labor intensive, I can better monitor remaining disk space and I'm sure exactly what's on a disk.
What I discovered after archiving approx 40 Gig is that they were all in the folder Auran/TRS2006/edit folder. I simply deleted them from there as they are all on approx 50 cd's Label and catagorized. If I have a need for an asset CMP tells me which CD it is on and restores it. This freed up much space on hard drive and got much of the older third party content stored in a safe place as some is nolonger available on the WEB.
Last year I decided to Disable a load of Content so I spent 2 weeks painstakingly disabling whole sections of foreign items.............awhile later TRS2006 crashed and when it was running again everything was re-enabled ! Be warned.