TMR Settings not saving


New member
Hi, when I change the settings on the first window of Trainz Model Railroad, the settings don't save. It says i have to restart, i do it, but then the settings are the same as before. I can't change the resolution or the shadows nor the local data folder.
Resolution is for fullscreen only. You can change the windowed size on the fly by dragging the window.

Shadows requires that you change the setting then close all TANE windows. It is possible that you have a window open such as the profiler or Content Manager for example. Once all windows are closed, then restart TANE.exe and the shadows will be on.

Changing the local data folder requires the new location to exist prior to you pointing to the location. Then it also requires all windows to be closed.
From there, the settings should always be saved.
Thanks to your reply tony, i finally made it. But i have found another issue, even though it's not a big deal, the tutorials it says i already did them even though I don't, I guess it says that because I already made them in TANE?