Those backup folders saved my you know what again!


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Just as the title says... Those backup folders which eat up space on our hard disk while using TS12. Well, I don't go there very often, perhaps once or twice now, now that I think about it. Well today was one of those rare times when I needed to restore a route I've been working on. I totally miffed and deleted a bunch of baseboards I didn't want during a brain fart, saved then realized that wasn't what was intended.

The older, active version I had ready to jump into place was too old... Then without panicking yet, though I could feel my heart racing, I checked the backup folders and sure enough the data I needed was there from the previous day's edit. I deleted my now broken route, and restored my data using Content Manager. I simply used the file import content feature, and I was back up and running where I wanted to be.

So as much space as these things take up, they're good to keep around. :)

I normally set the number of backups to "1" which avoids the HD eating syndrome. Never had to use in anger (yet) but your post serves as a timely reminder that I need to backup all my current projects (including Bermuda!) on to an external USB stick as a precaution!
Thanks! Funny you should mention that. I was considering deleting and reducing my future backups down to one, however, I will suck up the disk space and continue on as I have plenty anyway. I do have backups of these backup folders anyway because my backup process includes anything that has changed or has been added.

I did notice that while I had the backup folder open in Explorer (I run windowed and with two displays), any route deletions done within Trainz from the routes menu, (I didn't try this in CM), are backed up first. This is good to know as well because I've made that mistake on one or more occasions while cleaning up unused routes and sessions from the menu.