This is amazing!

Amazing and also rather amusing! :D

The city was largely unaware of the nature of the tunneling, and the first 16 miles (26 km) of tunnel were excavated somewhat covertly, working from the basement of a saloon and carting away the spoil after midnight.

That's a cool little system, which would be a cool Trainz project, albeit, a complex one to build because of the proprietary nature of the system and equipment. It would take some custom content to represent the locomotives, however, the rolling stock appear to be standard 2-ft gauge hoppers and wagons.


It was built/started for Trainz, by some in the Trainz Narrow Gaugers group - but I only saw it from the outside so can't share much more then I think it got buried somewhat.


The entire CTC route has been modelled together with all the locomotives, rolling stock, car elevators and coal loaders. All the varied junctions have been modelled so that every train movement is with the tunnels system. (No light leaks) If there is genuine interest in this route and its components I'll find the files and put them up for download.

We stopped when we realised that spending hours driving within dark tunnels and just a headlight would quickly lose it's appeal. It was a challenge and we enjoyed making it.

Additional thoughts.

The tunnels were built 40 feet below ground level so we decided to put the track on the base board level and any surface buildings would be placed 40 feet up in the air. We did not undertake any modelling of Chicago.

There is one small (I hope) problem, the route and assets were made for TS10, I have not tried them in any build above that one.

The comment about the 2 foot traincars. They were not normal 2 foot cars, they were built to a small loading gauge and are more like miniature versions of normal sized ones.

Hi Peter,

I love those mine type electric locomotives, used early versions for some of my mine model plays, together with the ash car. Had to do some work to get them to show in TS12 and I think some I was unable to fix correctly, but memory is failing so can't tell exactly who or what worked and not worked.

I actually wonder if this route might be more interesting in T:ANE? I think with a bit of work on textures, you could make the tunnels look quite realistic in terms of textures (especially by using the 'random' system on splines, to help remove the repetitive nature of the splines/textures).

Were the tunnels lit at all?

The near headlight effects could certainly make a difference within the tunnels though :)

I have checked some of the assets in TS12 and updating will involve a considerable amount of work. I would be a pity to let tis go if there is some interest and as Zec has said, T:ANE may allow more interesting and varied texturing.

I am currently involved in a major household re-arrangement, when I get that finished I will return to the CTC.

I know this goes back a couple years, but count me in as interested! I love that system. Years ago I went on a "VIP tour" of a section near Daley Plaza and the area under the Museum Campus.
It looks as though the CTC route will run in T:ane when set to build 3.5. If anyone is really interested I could put all the content up for download. Not the DLS as that won't accept anything lower then 3.5.

Hiballer and I turned route making on it's head here. all the track and tunnels are on the baseboard level and 'ground level' is 40-50 feet in the air. We also took some liberties with the tracks. We laid the tracks in line with the surveyor joins which allows auto positioning of the very many tunnel junctions. The images below were taken in Surveyor at junctions so everything is coloured wrong. The tall spiky things are position holders for the many train lifts that are needed. There are coal loaders and train lifts to carry goods to the basements level.


CTC four way junction.jpgCTC Route Part.jpgCTC Stock.jpgCTC What the driver sees.jpg
That's quite interesting to see the progress that was done with the route and assets.

Peter - maybe TPR could host the route and components for you.
Now that looks like an interesting multiplayer route: A lot of activity very close together!

I could put all the content up for download. Not the DLS as that won't accept anything lower then 3.5.
I should accept it (again) nowadays, with the side note that it would be added to the Content Repair Group list, who (assuming you didn't do really weird stuff with it) will eventually fix it to 3.5+ build. If you contact them (I think via pcas1986; not 100% sure), they could even consider handling it with higher priority.
Content that you upload today below 3.5 will not show in Content Manager, but will be downloaded as dependency. So as long as the route is 3.5 or higher, it should all be fine.