The USA Route Building Competition

*Rules are now back in effect and no longer postponed, more interest has started, so a postponment is no longer requiered. (spelling?)

(mods, not sure of this is the right place fpr this, feel free to move it.)
Hi all. I've been browsing the forums and have seen a lot of interesting and crazy content on the forums and i like almost all of it. It seems however that most of the community is all about overseas(non usa) routes and trains with a few exceptions. I love to see what people create. I was thinking of hosting a competition to see who can build the best route, to be voted on by the members of the community.
Feel free to suggest a few more rules too. These are just the basics and some people may have better ideas. No more rule suggesrions after June 20th!

1. The route must have a USA theme and region setting
2. Absolutly NO PAYWARE can be included in the route
3. External Content is allowed and encouraged. If it is not on the DLS i do require a link to it or that it be included in the route. The link dosn't have to be directly to the content, but we need a site. Remember, NO PAYWARE.
4. The route can be entirely ficticious OR realistic. It can also have a combination of the 2.
5. Routes must be entirly original. they can be routes that have already been started but not yet released, but they CAN NOT be routes that have been released anywhere yet.
6. The contest will end when all routes are complete. Builders are welcome to enter until sept. 20th (i know it is a long time but some people arn't on all the time and i want to make sure everyone has an opportunity to enter) A deadline will be considered when most of the routes are almost or completely done, based off of creators input. (no deadline as of yet as far as deadline for final route.
7. No Teams
8. Route name and KUID should be posted here so users can test through DLS, no required part of name as of yet. Names can be set at upload.
9. 150 baseboard limit. While i don't think basebaords should be a problem, it may be too large or to hard to test for some users.
10. Any version of Trainz that will work in 04 and 06 are ok to use for your routes.
What will you win?
Unfortunatly my skills prevent me from creating anything to give away as an exclusive prize that works in Trainz. So as it stands, The only thing that will be awardesd is bragging rights, and a custom banner made by me to put into your siggy. The winner will recieve several options as far as it is in looks. They can choose to have there name if they choose, as well as USA Route Builder Champ, Background Color, and there are many text styles and colors to choose from. When routes are completed i will open a thread for the voting.
Me and Gandolf04444 are making an NJT route that we decied will be offered as a reward to the winner. They will get it before anyone else, but it will be public soon.Banner is still up too.
Second Prize: A Paintshed Caboose that has a USA title to it, possibly an entire fleet of cars
Everyone else:
Small image for siggy that says USA route competitor for siggy, small and leaves room for more siggy if you want.
*You are in no way obligated to accept your prizes if you don't want them. If you win just say you don't want something before i begin working on them. The winner will choose what color schemes they want the caboose in, and also will recieve a list of styles that i can do for the siggy.
How will we vote?
When the routes are all completed, I will open a new thread in this forum for each creator to post 5 or so screens from the route and then members will post there favorite route and we will tally them at the end. Voting will close 10 days after the post is opened.
After the contest?
After the contest is over you are free to do whatever you want with the route. If you win you will have to upload it to the DLS, but you can do whatever else you want except make it payware. If you lose you can do whatever you want with the route. If you do not win you can make it payware (though i'm hoping you don't since the idea is to get some really high quality routes for free) or upload it wherever. Whoever wins CAN upload the route to other sites as long as it is free and is on the DLS. If you plan on entering just leave a post here.
Not Entering? What can you do?
While some people will love to enter others won't. What you can do if you are a creatopr is try and make a special award car or object for the winner, or make any useful USA cintent for the route builders. Some people to critic routes is also never bad since it can always help increase quality (i mean CONSTRUCTIVE critisicm, not insulting or saying that something is completely worthless).
What do you guys and gals all think?

(p.s. I will be entering too, even though i probably stand no chance of winning...)
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Banner Preview

Here is a sample of the siggy reward, without a changed background. There are also many word styles i can do as well as colors.
There is already a route-building competition underway - wouldn't it be best to wait until that one's finished before starting a second one? Seems fairly pointless to have two running at the same time..

The thread is here -


P.S if you're going to offer a signature banner as a prize it's probably best to make sure it's not over the size limit of 468x60.... ;)
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There is already a route-building competition underway - wouldn't it be best to wait until that one's finished before starting a second one? Seems fairly pointless to have two running at the same time..

The thread is here -


P.S if you're going to offer a signature banner as a prize it's probably best to make sure it's not over the size limit of 468x60.... ;)

Maybe so, but last i checked that one only has a british theme to it. That baner for the record, is enlarged to show the detail. It will be within the limits for the final. It is extremely easy for me to resize it. Oh yeah, i also have not set a time when the routes are to be done so it offers plenty of time. You are right though, i'm moving the entry date up to september.
Cool. To avoid too much confusion, as a person votes themselves in i will edit this post and add the name. This way all entrants will be able to keep chatter from confusing too many entries. campbell5149, looks like you are the first entry!
1. campbell5149
2. skiingiggy
3. CSX5220
5. Betsy662
6. neilsmith749
7. Cozmo R
9. PerRock
10. WCL
11. cgrisracer8903
12. dnutter
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Well if you have a problem with it bug someone who cares. Some people may want to join, and now i'm picking a specific theme. If you have a problem post it somewhere else. All i am trying to do is have some fun with trainz and have a small contest with a theme. I'm sorry if you have a problem with that, but i am trying to run a small contest, and i would appreciate it if you would not post your complaints here.
I am postponing the contest for a while. People can still enter, but it seems that no one is or will be interested until after the other one. New dates will be set when the other one ends. (probably sometime in september)
Welcome to the competition. I'm still going to wait for the other to be finished before setting a final entry date, but thanks for entering. By the way, the entry date is just when you say that you are in, not when the route is due. That date will be announced as people are finishing up.
Okies, I'll enter. just for the fun of it. already got a couple US routes in the works, would one of those count?

I've got a route that I've been playing with for awhile that I created last year, I haven't released it yet, except on video, can I use that one????:):):)
USA Route Competition: Release Thread

I know the competition is far from over, but i do think that route creators (me included) should be able to start posting final information, such as links to non DLS content, route names, stats ect. Creators, you may only post 2 screenshots in this thread before judging begins. There is another thread for screenshots already. This is to post stats and non-dls content for now, as well as a place to organize and discuss your route's release with other members.
Eagle Mountain RR.

Ok. The route i am entering is called the Eagle Mountain RR. It is a route that has all different aspects of america from beaches/wetsern to cities. It has a lot of content in it, most of which is on the DLS. Some is not though. All of the content can be found at these places:
(only content is Pencil 42's stuff.)
i have used minimal content from this site, and some of it is on the DLS.
(not on DLS yet)
Search Term: Eagle Mtn RR
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Sure, as long as it fits the USA theme and hasn't been released for public use. I would go back and uodate it and make it more detailed since it will be for competition now, but it will work. (it may be fine aleady, but i have no clue...) I'm adding you to the roster, and just post here or PM me if you change your mind.