The TRS2004 Download Station Search Update


Trainz Team
The TRS2004 Download Station site now limits the results on searches done without any filters, i.e. basically doing a search without changing any page settings. Also, the default Trainz Versions selected are limited to only the 2 most recent versions registered in your profile, i.e. if you have all Trainz products serial numbers registered only Trainz Classics and TRS2006 will be selected by default to search on.

These changes do not effect the assets on the DLS and a search by asset type or creator will still return the full compliment of search results. These changes to the search functions were necessary due to the masses of content now available and will speed up the search results and page loading immeasurably.

If you notice any issues or irregularities with the DLS relating to these changes, please contact us at Helpdesk