The Mysterious Missing Builtin KUID


This is something that has been nagging me for a while, so here goes:

When I downloaded hfmurphy's collection of 40 and 50-foot L&N boxcars from the DLS (<kuid:44928:101438>, for example), I found that I was missing one KUID from each in the whole lot: <kuid:-3:101164>. Now, I know that the "-" indicates a builtin KUID, but it's missing all the same. I'm rather at a loss as to what I can/should do, as I have yet to find anywhere with -KUID assets available for download. Can anyone shed some light on this mystery? :confused:
Huh... when I try to login at TARL, it give me "Could not connect to MySQL User Server". (Yes, I just registered and activated). :confused:
hmmm kindda strange only dependancy close is -3:10013 (general goods)Ive found in his cars., also 2006 sp1...

Dave =)