The Hell-Hole Just Beyond BSOD


:cool: Greetings from the hell-hole just beyond BSOD.!!!!!
After 19 years and a whole lot of learning, I remain stumped ! ! I must apologize(?) many times over and just about
every time you see my name, I have an issue to solve. Today is no different.
Something happened to TRS2019 and began to quit and go directly to the Desktop. (What happened ???)
Now, every time I want to go to the 'engines tab' on the right side, the program crashes again. (Do A Reload)
Now, also when I want to go to the tracks tab, then go to the track objects tab for a signal or bumper - program crashed. (Do a reload)
I have taken this down to anther TRS version and am using TANE to stay with the program. Parts of this one
will also crash when I press certain tabs.

Does anyone have a qualified answer for this ?? I would almost be willing to pay someone to tell me the answer
and I'll send a check for his knowledge.
Thank-you so very much for what you know and your experience.

Col Klink :)

only general points:-
1) after any abnormal exit from the program (crash, task manager end program) the Trainz database may be in an unusual state.
use the launcher menu to run a database repair before next use.
2) I understand SC is about 28C - about the same as southern England - make sure your computer air vents are clean, the fans working and that the internal temperatures are not excessive. Many computers have an internal temperature sensor and start to reduce performance if overheated. This can cause programs to malfunction
3) Do you have problems with other programs?

I’ve managed to fry a cpu chip using trs2006 - that didn’t use the cpu for display rendering…
I’ve also lost a gpu to overheating and age - they do run hotter that cpus, and in my case would display normal icons and text, but any attempt to display graphics would end up with a random pixel covered screen.

Hello Colin
You've made my day. Thanks so much for making a quick reply.
I have gone through a lot of my own ideas which you have one here and to my
disbelief, nothing worked. The trainz dilemma was still there.
(Your #1) I don't remember any kind of shut off disaster that might have had an
effect on the PC. Had it done that, it would have been a long time back.
(#2) Our weather is relatively warm every year and 28c* is high.
We're beginning our summer right now but the temps are suitable to begin the season.
My PC is strictly an SSD configuration. I don't have fans and disk drives to get warm
even in the hott summer.There are 4 SSD's stacked on each other with a Samsung
1Tb SSD as the O/S inside a small box sitting on my desktop.
(#3) It's quite odd that nothing else has been on the rough side of operations.
Kinda strange though that this program, Trainz, is the only malfunction I have. (dammit)
I do have Trainz+ which is where all this started. Earlier, I said I was stumped ?!?!?!?
Now I really am.

If you have some other ideas, please let me know. I'm getting anxious now.

Ken M.
I think it is still a good idea to do a DBR, or maybe even EDBR. There may be faulty assets causing the crashes.
Hi Forester,
I haven't seen those letters before now. Are they proper processes ?
I sure would like to know and how they work.

Ken M.
He just means DataBase Repair and Extended DataBase Repair.

If both TRS19 and T:ANE are crashing, my guess is that there is something wrong with your PC. I recently had some crashes and took my PC back to the shop that built it. They suspected a memory fault, but their tests couldn’t prove it. Nevertheless they took a gamble and replaced the old memory modules with new ones. It hasn’t crashed ever since, so their intuition was likely correct.

My point is, your PC might have developed a hardware glitch and it might be something that only a computer tech could analyse and fix. And even then, it might come down to a bit of a guess.

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I remember an old Mac at work we were having trouble with. The tech set the alarm, and in a few minutes it went off. He shut it off and a few minutes later it went off again. He shut it off and closed it out and a few minutes later it went off again! he was able to deduce from that, that the memory was not clearing out.

Database repair (Repair Database) is in the launcher window, under the developer tab. If you hold down the CTRL key when you click it, you get an "extended" database repair.
All of the components throw off heat in some fashion which only makes matters worse when it's warm out, and humidity makes things even worse because it's difficult to move the air inside and outside the case. If one of your components is thermally sensitive, then it will fail when things get a bit toasty inside the case, and usually it's a memory module (DIMM) that has that issue for some reason. You may want to run some diagnostics on your PC components. Windows 10 and Windows 11 have a built-in memory test you can run. It's rudimentary compared to Memtest64 but it'll get you in the right ballpark to find the problem quickly.

I also recommend running some diagnostics on your SSDs. One of those devices may be failing and you now have some data corruption. When an SSD goes, it goes suddenly without any warning other than some poor performance prior to the failure.

Once you've had a database crash, you'll continually suffer from repeated crashes until you run the above-mentioned database repairs.
Just to add that my current pc has water cooling for the cpu - normally max temp is 60C
max for the gpu (Rtx 2060) is 70C.

that’s with a full size pc case and 3 cooling fans in the case.
years ago, I swapped a pc case for a better designed one and the internal temperatures dropped about 10C.

Trainz (any version) does use the cpu and gpu hard - depending on quality settings - but typically 90% of max. That’s a lot more than typical home office use…

hope it can be sorted,
I also have my trainz 2019 crash
i my case it was when i installed some modules
from a very good friend
i started to load but then closed trainz completely
back to my start screen
so i had to restart the game all over again
have you installed any new layout vetch did not
come with the original version of trainz 2019
Get the Core Temp addon/APP and you will see the temperature on each core of the CPU. Usually 100c is the limit where it throttles down the clock. I hit that during editing Trainz but not during play.