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This Trainz Blog will primarily be published for the discussion of reskinning of buildings, although other topics may occasionally arise as well.

I will still be posting in the Freeware Forum as far as releases are concerned, but feedback for existing models, suggestions for new businesses, and suggestions for models to reskin are welcome here. I also have some new ideas I would like to discuss concerning techniques and presentation and I would prefer to discuss subjects such as those here, than in my release thread. My goal is to maintain the release thread as cleanly as possible, so that users without a broadband connection can view the choices in a larger format than the screenshot in the thumbnail. I feel this will help members decide if a release is desirable to them before downloading.

I primarily reskin models of other creators, and all my models are released via the Download Station. I'd like to thank certain modelers, Dave Snow, Willem, and Leefer for their permissions to reskin their excellent models. Dave Drake has also granted me permission, and Paul Hobbs as well. I am indebted to each one of those gentlemen. As far as my creations go, they are released with the same permissions the modeler has granted me when it's appropriate to do so.

Please visit my thread "Reskins by Euphod" to peruse the over three hundred buildings I have uploaded to the DLS, and feel free to add your feedback, praise, criticism, mocking sarcasm, or requests here. Please bear in mind that I am not a modeler, and am limited by existing models in my work. If you know of an existing building that would suit the reskin you would like, please include the kuid number along with your request. Links to a business image are also appreciated. I don't always work on requests in the order they are received, and often work on images I have acquired as well. I hope you understand, and will practice patience. This should be fun for me, after all!

I will start off the feedback requests with a simple question:

I often place features in my reskins that aren't shown in the release thread, either in the 800 x 600 image, or in the thumbnail. I like to think that it provides a nice surprise if it is downloaded. Sometimes I will place advertising murals or images of dumpsters, or signage on the rear or the sides of the buildings, which do not show in the release thread. Would you prefer that features such as those are shown in the release thread, or is the front view of each building sufficient for your downloading decisions?

I look forward to hearing from all of you. Thank you for visiting "The Deadliest Kvetch"!:)
I have a bit of an issue with my trainz. I downloaded Shelby Local, which is a sesson and do not know where to locate it. It is not in my sessons. How do I get it? Where do I find it? I also tried to get an SD70ACE locomotive and it shows in my railyard, but won't plant itself in survayor mode. Can anybody help.