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Field, originally known as third siding, was established to service locomotives needed to provide extra power and braking in order to navigate trains on the Big Hill. It became the eastern terminus of the Mountain Subdivision. Initially, it had a wye whose tail extended out onto the riverbed. Later a roundhouse and turntable were installed and the wye removed.


To provide the power needed to climb the Big Hill 2-8-0s were ordered from Baldwin Locomotive Works. 312 and 313 were the first to arrive in 1884.


Today, the station is abandoned as there is no passenger service on the route. Crews use it to await a crew change on arriving freight trains.

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West from Field in the early days trains climbed to Muskeg Summit, a 4, 330 feet pass, which also required helper locomotives. In later years the pass was avoided by rerouting the line to follow the river in what was known as the Ottertail Bypass.


The river widened considerable but there was not room for a wye at Ottertail.


Helper locomotives continued on and turned on a wye at Leanchoil.


The location of the wye is still visible on Google Earth.

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Good looking shot Jack. I'd been researching dance halls as a destination for a scheduled Saturday night excursion train, when Danceland in Watrous appeared. Turns out it was quite the thing to do on a Saturday night with trains from Saskatoon and elsewhere bringing in party goers. So I've added Danceland to my asset list.

Meanwhile, CP Express out for delivery.

I've been past Danceland numerous times, Casey, but have never been inside. It is located right on the beach at Manitou Lake and I'm sure would have been a busy place. I'm not sure that it would be as busy these days.
Those are good looking panel trucks! You're doing a very fine job!
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