The Canadian Thread - Hi-Res images

Looking good guys! Never get tired of looking at the Quebec Central!

Cheers All .... Rick

A bit more progress on the route east of Nelson. This will be the last segment completed in TRS19. I see all those improved tools in Surveyor 2 that will surely speed up the progress (hopefully) without sacrificing the end product. Now have to sit down and learn the new Surveyor. Hopefully it won't trash my route...

Thanks to CaseyBerg for allowing me to beta test his Moyie model. It looks at home on Kootenay Lake once again. Davemare's reskinned boxcars are a great addition to the route as well. The loci is an attempt at reskinning a couple of Trainboi1's marvelous locomotive assets. It's not overly prototypical and still has a few warts, but it will work well until something more prototypical comes along.
I posted a video of the route from Nelson to Procter at Youtube. Here's the link:

Now back to Surveyor School...
The Columbia & Western RR V2.0 is near being finished after a year of rework, based on feedback on V1.0. Image is at West Robson BC in 1901 with the SS Columbia docking the CPR Barge from Robson, across the Columbia River. The cars are loaded with Coke (in Stock cars) and Coal bound for copper
smelters Grandforks BC and Greenwood BC.

A Canadian Pacific MLW RS-3 in maroon and gray "Block" scheme with Roman lettering that I finished this morning. This was partially inspired by Rail4Pete's version, and has ARN thanks to the work of n8phu from The Erecting Hall.

Nice, nice, nice!!! Really good looking work and shots, fellas!

Man, what a summer down here! You almost go crazy because the sun disappears for a week or so, then when it finally comes out, you just wish it would go away again!

Cheers All ....

@WCL CPR Sternwheel <kuid:685032:104462> now up on the DLS.

Laying pipe with a Cat MD6 pipelayer in the burgeoning oil fields of Alberta, back in the mid-20th century. Coming soon to the DLS.