The Canadian Thread - Hi-Res images

Well here's two months of my life done. Now to figure out how to add smoke.

Canadian Pacific Sternwheeler S.S.Moyie, one of the British Columbia Lakes and Rivers fleet.
Thanks gtasa. Same draft requirment as the Mississippi due to shallow lakes and rivers. They could run up on a beach and drop a plank to load and unload at smaller stops along the route.
Casey, that is one very fine looking boat! I can't imagine how long something like would take me to create. Nicely done!
Cheers, Jack
Thanks Guys! Can’t say I’ve got Blender figured out by any means. Successful texturing is still a mystery. For some reason, what I see in blender is not always the same in game. Still learning new stuff everyday though and building muscle memory.
Got more work to do on the boat before it goes to the DLS.
Rick, Agree with Jack here. Always find it fascinating how fixed posed figures can be placed to create a scene. Well done.
Hello Folks;
Been under the weather. Haven't done much, except add MSGSapper's garbage...
All shots are from KVRR. First is my fishing spot :)
and two near Brookmere:
finally (for today)...
That's all for today.
Keep up the great work, all of you!
Morning All; Get well and stay well, Michael! Feeling a little crappy myself, but looking at your fishing spot made me feel a little better. Very nice shots bud.

Cheers Guys .... Rick

Nice work on that route, Michael. Hope you're feeling better.

Looking good, Rick!

K+S potash from Saskatchewan heads west to the coast.
Cheers, Jack
Very nice work, Jack!

I always seem to end up with some kind of naval base, and then wonder why I really need it!

Cheers All .... Rick