Thank you for your insight, wit, etc.


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I'm new in Dec 2014 to Trainz, not to the hobby though, I run Trainz Driver2 for IPad, and have learned a ton from u Folks here, and as usual software/hardware/user mistakes can really take a toll, so your forum is a gift from train heaven!!!!

Thank you so much for all the good info posted here,

I'm currently getting reading to merge a couple of 10-20 BBoard DLM....layouts to the one I downloaded( wilds of Brazil) 2board affair...

I've been reading about layers and all the weird things that can happen, it already has to me, so I'm doing a re merge with empty boards around mine as a safe zone....will see what happens this time around,,,I'm a geek, and boy do I understand the word,,,backup,,,oh backup on infinitum or something like that....

again, wealth of information,,,,good laughs on some of the back n forth in here (banter) I think they call it......awesome group.....When I get time I'll write about my startup experience with program, errors issues etc.....where would be a good place to post that,,,,,?

I want to be in in compliance for appropriate posting location......

Respectfully to you all,,,,,,


60 yrs around train world,,,still learning, never to old!!!!
Thank you and welcome for the compliments on the forums here. We all try hard to make this a friendly and helpful place. I'm glad you are enjoying your IPad version of Trainz.

With this program, there is so much to learn and to do. Even with my decade of experience, I'm still learning things every time I use it.

Thanks Jon,,,,a very wise person told me when I was young n impressionable,,,the day u stop learning, is the day u stop breathing,,,so right on,

Pleasure to make your acquaintance sir....

respectfully yours,,,