testing 123


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hmmm........... i can not reply to, posts so i figured id try to create one lmao

wow it worked lol.. sorry for the inconvenience trainzers :) hope your all well !!
Hi Frank,

Glad to see that you could post:D . I purchased RS about 3 months ago when I hurd so much about it, hoping to fill my computer up with your creations, skins and so forth, only to find that my computer is a wee bit outdated for the game- and me saying wee bit-thats an understatement:hehe: :eek: .
Anyway, Glad to see you could post for us, and hope your achiving lots with RS.

Best Regards
Mike S.
Well i can not reply to messages here for some reason and i can not post in all forums but hey thats cool :)

Yeah. I'm having the same problem too. This is the only forum that I can do anything in. The rest I can just read. I've been told to contact the Auran helpdesk but couldn't find it. Sorry if I hijacked your thread SP_OR_BUST.