Tender Becomes Engine!


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Ra the train to load coal on 5 cars, Deliver, connect the engine to the other end of the train. Now that engine was facing backwards with the tender in the lead. The 45 minute trip back to the yard was without incident. Th next move was to disconnect the engine from the consist. Remember it was no facing backwards with the tender in the lead. The train pulls into the yard, stops and a disconnect is issued to uncouple the engine. Unfortunately, the tender now has the traditional position of an engine and the poor AI fails to notice this. The tender is disconnected and, under its own power(!) it proceeds to assume the instructions intended for the engine.

Looks like a basic flaw in the coding that fails to recognize the new engine position and just assume that the engine is still in the lead. AI assigns mysterious powers to the tender, uncouples it and it assumes the engine's instructions. Time to get out the coding pads.
Except this should be impossible, so either the item you are using is incorrectly made as an 'engine' or you should give some more information for anyone who might be coding to reproduce the problem.
I agree, the tender must have the characteristic of an engine. I'll contact the vendor.
Wanted to check in case I was missing something.
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Well, now the ball is back into The Trainz Court.

Response from vendor: "TRS19+ rules, anything with a headlight is technically classed as alocomotive".

Will have to use another engine for the task. The subject engine is only suitable for less complex tasks. Or, N3V can tell me how to remove the headlight specification.

Proper customer service would have included that instruction in the response.

Assuming the engine as the front, when the tender is coupled, the light is in the back of the tender.
Maybe all of their tenders share the same config. I will leave that up to the vendor.

Not a real issue. Spend a few dollars and write-off that vendor. I do not want to waste time on this.

Thanks for your interest.
No worries, but I would be curious to know what engine and tender combination it is, just to be able to look at it.
There are config entries that should prevent various operations from using an item correctly marked as a tender this way. yes to show a light an item must be an engine, but that does not mean it can not be marked as the tender as far as the sim is concerned.