TANE is crashing now every time I enter map anD scroll


Urban Transit Developer
Hello Kurt

How did you ID the guilty items? I check Tane's CM, and highlighted all items from the route, however, I don't see any issues there? I still think that you might be right, because usually it's a bad item that causes these issues!


Hello Ish,

Here is a method I received from the Q&A Team ( :Y: ). Using this method, in my case, I found the guilty assets. As soon as all guilty assets were disabled, the problem ( Tane closing immediately ) was fixed. Of course, the more assets you have to check, the longer it will take before you have found the guilty ones.

How to identify which assets are causing the problem:

1. Open Content Manager.

2. Select the route you are testing.

3. R-click List Dependencies.

4. Click the + icon to add a new filter.

5. Select "Builtin" and select "False" from the dropdown box.

6. Select one item by Type (example "track") then (if multiples exist)
use “Ctrl-A” to select all the items of that type.

7. Click “Content” and choose “Disable”.

8. Close *all* windows to exit TANE.

(i.e. - Task ManagerResource Monitor will show TANE.exe removed from the list)

9. Restart TANE.

10. Open CM and select the route you are testing.

11. R-click, Open, Edit Asset in Surveyor

- or if the issue was seen in Driver you may “Open Asset in Driver”.

12. The route will now load. Take a screenshot of any assertion
messages that appear.

13. Move around the route (do whatever you were doing when assertion occurred).

- does this issue still occur?

- Try also to note as much detail about what the app is doing at the time of the event.

If it doesn't happen, now you may begin enabling groups of content until you replicate the issue.

To do this, basically do the above steps again and you’ll see “Enable” has replaced “Disable”. Remember that for changes to be updated, you’ll have to completely exit out of TANE and restart it each time.

Kind regards,

Kurt :wave: