TANE Installs in Windows


I searched the forums and didn't find what I was looking for, so here's my question.

When I look at the apps installed on Windows (under Apps & Features), I see that I have 7 TANE installs and one TRS2019. All are the same size (15.1 GBs). Some have the same install date. As far as I know, I'm only using TRS2019. Can I safely remove the TANE installs?
Be very careful, as Trainz labels things for TRS19 as T:ANE in that list. There is a post around here somewhere by Dave Snow where he unintentionally uninstalled more than he intended trying to get rid of those phantoms. I have T:ANE and TRS19PE. My system lists eleven T:ANEs. Three have the actual T:ANE icon, seven have the TRS19 icon, and one has a generic icon. There is no listing for TRS19 at all. Theoretically I could uninstall the ones with the T:ANE icon? But what about the generic icon? Risky to say the least!
I know that there are ways to get rid of phantoms like that, but I`m not enough of a Windows Wizard to know how. Like Forester1 said, be careful that you know what you are deleting.
There are two issues here. The first issue is due to an incorrect setting when N3V compiled the installer. The program they use has fields that are filled in and someone forgot to replace T: ANE with TRS19. When the process is run, the program combines everything into a single package with the text strings embedded where they're supposed to go. I saw this in operation many years ago when a programmer was releasing a product and asked for assistance with the Vise Installer. Vise is no longer around but the operation is the same with other packagers including one Microsoft created for IT groups to package up custom installs for applications.

The second issue is due to the script not cleaning up the extraneous entries in the registry for the various patches. That could be caused by the program they used. I've seen that with other programs and it's annoying.

Yeah, they all refer to the main installation and removing them will remove the program! I found out the hard way too.
Okay, I removed 4 of the ghost TANE entries in the Windoze App uninstaller. Click on it and a pop-up says that it's missing and asks if you want to remove it. I also went into regedit and cleaned up any references to TANE. There were two entries that had the Display name set to TANE. Changed those to TRS2019. Worked just fine. The two ghost entries for TANE now show up in the uninstaller as TRS2019. Which is fine, I guess. If you click on any one of the three and it will go to the one and only TRS19 directory and start executing the uninstaller. I don't uninstall, but I guess I could have and then reinstall the game to see if that left only one entry. Not that big of deal any more (to me) since I know they are one in the same.