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Hello all ,

I had 2009 44653/3.3 on my SDD , now i have installed 2012/ 61388 also on the disk .

Now i have constanly the little black screen from Taddeamon .

I also let Tadd run during the night.

I,ve already searched the forum to this problem but the only thing i found is "installing 2012 to a lower version" and "install under administator" , wich i did.

There's not really a solution .

Is there allready a solution to solve this problem ?

regards Leksie
That Tadd screen does not eat any food or drink any water.
In other words: This is not a problem.

You can "hide" it by going to options, developer and un-select "show database progress window".

BUT... I would suggest you to just keep it the way it is.
When that window closes after you stopped the game it is safe to turn off your computer. If that screen is hidden, you don't know and might turn off your PC to early, resulting in you having too do a database repair next time you use the game.
My advise usually is to turn it on so it shows.