T:ANE ~ The no respose Mystery.


I using T:ANE build 74539. I am in the process of building a route, and a strange phenomenon has
developed. When I go to do anything on one particular part of the route (it's only just over a mile at
the moment), I am unable to do anything ~ the game will just not respond to any command. I am unable
to add, move/remove objects, add track or do absolutely anything. If I go to another part of the route when
I first open the route, everything is OK, but as soon as I go to the other part of the route, this no-response
issue starts again, and when I return to the part if the route that was OK, I find that this is now also infected.
When I go to leave surveyor, it will not close, so I have to log-off to get rid of it.
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. l
Create a .cdp of the route, upload it to Dropbox (or upload it to the DLS as a "test route") and ask people here to test it to see if they get the same behaviour. We can also then access it to verify the issue.

It is possibly a 3rd party asset in that region that is causing problems. You can also try Developer > Show Logs (and perhaps Clear Logs to reduce the clutter), then see if anything appears in the logs to indicate the nature of the issue.