T:ANE isn't opening

Hi there. I recently got T:ANE SP4 and when I click Start Trainz a popup appears saying it's unable to authorise this product, then tells me to check my account details (Launcher > Settings > Internet). I'm logged in (both in mytrainz and launcher) but the error still pops up. Please help
Do you have a registered copy of Trainz A New Era? Because I'm pretty sure that it can still be accessed until 2028 for people who have a copy of the game (some certificate files, I believe.) I highly recommend that you go ahead and register your copy of Trainz, or buy it through the Trainz Store, in order to access the game.

My advice.
He probably got it illegally, and that would explain why it won't authorize - You have no registered trainz version!
It could also be that his account didn't setup properly, or he's using a different account than the one he's using to access the forums.

The best bet for the OP is to contact the helpdesk.
His "join date" is three years ago, yet nothing shows on his version track. This is odd to say the least. I'd say John is probably correct. He's using an old account profile instead of the one he bought TANE with.

I'm new to the forums and don't really know what the helpdesk is. However, I will try and use that next time. Thanks.

I think I may have found the solution:
T:ANE SP4 was a free UPDATE, so I might need the original T:ANE to make it function?

There is a button at the top of this (and every) page marked "Helpdesk." You will need your original registration code for TANE in order to activate it.