Surveyor Junction Question


Route Builder
I have TR2006, s.p.1, version 2.6, build 3092 and have a question regarding junctions in surveyor mode. Can the default direction of junctions be changed from left to right, so they stay in that position for when driving in "Driver" mode it is preset?
Cheers, Fender849 :)

Yes.. Enter Surveyor "Tracks" - "Trackside Mode" - highlight "Junction Direction" - ( looks like a trident) - then click on the juction you want to change.

Regards, John
Its best to have the Junction set for the line where the majority of traffic will run - the Main Line.On real UK railways the points/switches are said to "lie Normal" for the Main Line.If you have the points set for Branch the AI often takes a while to work the route out , so Main Line trains may get held at the junction...:(
You can also do the reverse of what lewisner say at the out side of a station so that trains give the visual impression of an operating start signal when under AI contro
Regards, Bob Vl
Get "Junction Normal" and the junctions will automaticly set to the position it was saved at in surveyor, no matter who is driving. Its handy when your driving.