Suggested resolution for 38inch monitor


I have recently received a LG 38inch 3840 x 1600 resolution monitor. Would like to know best resolution for TRS22.
Cheers Bob
I actually saw a RTX 3095 that had liquid cooling.

I would just run in windowed mode and increase the size of the window until performance begins to be effected or the PC catches fire whatever comes first.
The higher the resolution the more powerful and expensive GPU required that is capable of rendering smoothly in Trainz at 60Hz at that resolution, which according to some bench marks I've just been looking at would probably need an RTX3070 minimum, so the GPU you are using it with would be a good point to start deciding what Resolution to run Trainz in without it becoming a slideshow.
Thanks John and Clam for your input. The monitor also came with a pc, AND Ryzen Thread ripper 3970x, 64GB ram,1TB and 2TB NVME M.2 SSDs, GTX 1660 4GB and AMD RX 580 8GB.,plus 2 x 8TB hdd. From what I’ve read both GPUs are of similar performance (using GTX 1660 at the moment).
Cheers Bob