Substance Painter and CNJ840 - An overview of the model


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My CNJ840 loco consists of the following assets:

1. The loco body. The meshes for this are complete including the attachments such as doors, bell and moving windows.
2. The interior. The cab "shell" is complete but I need to create the piping, gauges, and some of the other bits you see in a steam loco cab. I have made the reverser, regulator, firebox door, windows and doors. I don't have any pictures of this loco's cab so some of the controls will be based on other Baldwin locos of that vintage or my imagination. All the animated bits will need to be redone for FBX.
3. The bogey. I had a really complex version working as an IM model with moving valve gear that switched in and out depending on the reverser position. Recreating that for FBX animation is a mega job so I'll probably have the valve gear in a fixed location like most other steam locos in Trainz.
4. Couplers. I ended up making my own couplers as none I could find on the DLS had LOD.

Here are some random Blender shots of the models:

A view of the cab without the walls showing. I start with the original loco mesh and trim away anything that cannot be seen from a camera position in cab view. This mesh needs a lot of editing.


Regulator. This was animated for IM and you can see the use of Blender lattices. The lattices will need to be replaced with dummies/empties.


The bogie. The right hand side - looking forward is using armatures (bones) and lattices. I'm working on the left side to update the animation to FBX.