Stroud Valleys 1935 by capt_haddock


I have just discovered the great route by capt_haddock.
FAO Mr Chris Free..
Please may I have permission to use your route, or at least sections of it, in my own WIP of a steam based GWR.
Many thanks in anticipation of a positive result and my apologies for contacting you via the forum. I do not know of any other method being fairly new to trainz.
helian43 AKA Ian Bale
Thank you for your kind words. The route is based on OS maps and STRM data and is fairly accurate as far as the lie of the land, field boundaries and track layout is concerned.

You are welcome to use the route as you wish.

Hi Chris,
Thank you very much for the additional data on the route and for permission to cut and carve bits to fit with my own GWR.:D
Ian Helian43