capt-haddock KUID 181823


Good evening Mr Free.
I have just discovered your excellent route Stroud Valleys 1935.:)
May I have permission to modify sections of the route and incorporate them into my own GWR WIP.
My apologies for contacting you via the forums but your profile does not give an e-mail address
Thank you Helian 43
Hi Helian 43.

Thank you for your kind words, you are welcome to modify the route as you wish. There is also a route "Stroud Valleys Consists" which is just some storage roads, the accompanying session includes all of the GWR and LMS rolling stock that I could find at the time although some of it is for older versions of Trainz and only works in compatibility mode.


Hi Chris,
Thanks for your permission.
I had already downloaded the route "Stroud Valleys Consists" but it only showed up as empty tracks. I already have a large selection of GWR, mainly Skipper 45, which I will be using.
Once again thanks.
Ian aka Helian 43