Strange behaviour of consists

Hi All

I've been updating a route I am working on and replaced older style track with procedural track and pbr textures.

I have run into a problem with the consists I have placed around the route (didn't notice this until I did some work on updating driver schedules). See picture:

I have created a new session to test what is happening to see if I could find a solution. Not having any luck. I've also done an DBR and EDBR, no change.

The picture shows locos placed in two locations (the one on the left is a new section of track I laid on blank baseboard; the one on the right on previously laid track but bulk updated to procedural track the update performed in the route editor of surveyor). The locos are placed in the session editor of surveyor, the session is saved and then edited again giving the results shown at the bottom. Note that the loco on the blank board is okay, the one on the previously textured area is not.

Strangely this does not effect anything when I drive the session! The locos are okay and drive the route.

Has anyone seen this behaviour before and found a solution?
This is in TRS19 Build 114800

There is a known bug that does this in TRS19 SP4 (which I think is your version). It has been fixed in the current SP5 beta version. So it will be fixed when SP5 is released (date not known).
It requires a few planets to align for the bug to appear. I recommend you update to the SP5 Release Candidate released today. (use the TRS19 Beta patch stream)