Snow Plows/Blowers

Decided to download some plows and blowers to get my routes ready for winter :hehe:, but I can't figure out a way to have the snow be removed behind it. Any ideas? One thing I came up with was make "cars" that were just white blocks that could be coupled to the front, so they would be pushed by the snowplow or blower, and the track would be clear of snow, only problem is I don't now how to make content.
I've seen this attempted a few ways. Unilaterally the solution everyone comes up with is to make the snow into a "Vehicle" of one sort or another, whether its in front of the Train, or on its own track (Saw a Snowslide done like this once, was pretty nifty).

After that, my suggestion would be to create Snow Drifts as Trackside Items and plink em down in a way that makes sense, though you're gonna have to be pretty uniform for height otherwise any "Snow Cars" in front of the Plow won't look right, unless you want to try to say its the 2nd+ Time the track's been plowed...... The Snow Cars can't be too detailed either otherwise itd be dead obvious the Train is moving WITH the snow rather then Through it.

After that, to the best of my knowledge none of what we're discussing here currently exists for Trainz.

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Or, I could just say that the snow is falling so fast that it accumulates behind the train very quickly and no one notices so they keep plowing:D
In the summer they would need a refrigerated shed to keep the snow cars frozen:D
I would think that any realistic plow operations would have to be modeled and scripted for a scenario. However the boys at N3V may have a more defined answer; can't speak for their experience at 'snow removal'!
I watched a video on this, the people who made just put the drifts on the track and plowed right through it, it looked pretty cool, they were just small drifts so it would be cooler with large ones. Is there a way to remove the "snow" (smoke) that spews out of plows? I want to move one in the summer. Anyone know of a snowplow that pushes snow to both sides instead of one, I forget what they are called, I think wedge plows, or a spreader?
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I found this weird thing with plows on the DLS, here it is. bogey-ge44/82-snow. from the picture it appears to be a duel ended, self propelled snowplow. EDIT: That is just a bogey with a big snowplow on it. I don't know how to attach another bogey, but it seems useful. Also, I started a snowy, mountainous route to run the stuff on.
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