Slowly getting ready to start work on a massive project.


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I've toyed with Trainz for a long time, but now I'm trying to create a real world that will serve multiple purposes on Trainz. I've made several attempts in the past, but got too frustrated in trying to maintain a concept for the route. Now, I finally have something I can stick with: hundreds of miles of track, which stretch out across the United States.

I intend to create a wonderful transition between the East and the West, North and South. Just like what you'd expect to find if you travelled in those directions. There'll be tons of small towns, clusters of cities, and numerous metropolises, all of which will have stops for passenger services, and limited freight service. There'll be mountain ranges, many of them having narrow gauge lines for either mining or logging. The coasts will be dotted with interactive and gigantic harbors. The whole continent will have not only the rail lines everywhere, but a full highway network, too (for heightened realism and depth of detail)! From the peaks of the mountains you will just barely be able to see the base. You can stare down the rivers and watch them wind through the valley ahead. At the start of a rail yard, you will see nothing but an ocean of tracks and railroad facilities. From the shorelines, you will be able to stare out into the bay, without seeing the cut-off of the world's end. The metropolises will have their own transit systems (subway / tramway / elevated). There will be seasons, with specially set-up driver sessions to make it all work.

You'll be able to drive in all disciplines: Steam, Diesel, Electric - Passenger, Freight - Standard Gauge, Narrow Gauge.

And the world will not lack detail no matter where you are, whether you're pushing through the lush, untamed wilderness; or, the bustling and unstoppable metropolis. You'll feel like you're looking into a real world everywhere you turn. I've been posting on the forums because of this, so that I can truly achieve this objective.

What makes the whole thing even feasible is that I do not intend to replicate actual locations. I will only take inspiration from the appearance of real locations, and use that to try making a fictional (or is it non-fictional when something isn't real?) scene of my own design.

Yes, this idea is probably just the same as what many other Trainz users out there have done; but isn't it fun to do, anyways?

My only problem right now is that I'm trying to port all of the content I've downloaded on my laptop over to my desktop so I can really get started. To archive everything, and move it over after it's been downloaded is a project of its own...

Got any reccomendations for me? Run an idea by me in the comments, and I'll get back to you in the future.