i've noticed a few things when it comes to signals that is really bugging me. somthing needs to be done about it.

1. if you have a branch line going across a mainline track and you have a train coming off the branch line on to the main and a train heading towards it not one these trains will get a red light. maybe somebody knows the anaswer already but i dont!
I'm not sure that I understand your track and signal layout completely enough from the description to be of any help. Are you crossing the main line or merging with the main line. Have you followed the Signalling guide and still having a problem. If you're crossing the main line, you may need the diamond crossing rule. I believe it's on the DLS and there's a thread about it on the forums.
If your problem is a junction, post screenshots, chances are your signals are not placed right for Trainz, or...

If your problem is a diamond crossing them you are suffering from a known issue, see this thread.

Andy :)
Roll the mouse over the signal. It's probably the old "Track Ahead Is Unsignalled". You may need to use different signal placement for different situations. Post a shot shot we can see what's going on.
I don't really understand signalling I guess. A lot of my signals say line terminates or is closed. What does that mean?

i will post some screen shots tomorrow morning. but i do not use the built in signals i use ones i brought from but even if you do use the built in ones it still has the same problems.

and i've had a railway driver help to build this layout.
I think we've found your problem! You say that you had a Railway Driver help you with the signalling. Unfortunately, Trainz hazn't read the manual. Sometimes you have to cheat a bit to get the signals to function properly. Use of invisible signals, strategically located, can make things right in most cases.:)
Look forward to your screenies.
If the signal says "The line terminates or is closed" it usually means you haven"t placed Rail Ends/Bufferstops at the end of the track.If it says "The line ahead is unsignalled" it means exactly that - there are no signals between the signal you have clicked on and the next track junction.Either thing will cause the AI to throw its toys out of the pram and refuse to move.:p
Sorry Chris I approach Trainz from the real side of life, and I have managed lots of realistically operating signalling without resorting to using invisible signals. My only problem is with diamond crossings.

I don't think the small article in the manual was very clear as to signaling. I would like to see some sample drawings of various junctions and show exactly how to signal properly- some kind of visual tutorial.

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use a trigger to change the a trigger down about two train lengths before and after the junction name them set and reset use the set signals rule...
Trigger Multiple Signals

In sticky situations I will use the Trigger multiple signal rule. That way I can indicate which ROUTE takes priority by placing triggers for example on the Main line. If the Trigger is tripped all the divergent lines so all the other trains approaching the Main are stopped by an 04 or an 02 signal (or what ever signal you use that indicates danger and STOPS the approaching train.) This works well for diamond crossovers as well.

I would also NOTE that if you use several copies of this rule you can RENAME the rules to indicate what area that they govern. It can get confusing if your trying to keep several such crossings straight.

I am not exactly sure how your intersecting your divergent lines with your main line if your doing a crossover or actually merging. But this rule can be tailored for either instance. I am using TRS 2010 I don't know if there are limits with previous versions with this rule.
If your problem is that a train is going from the main line to the branch line and crossing the opposite line by means of a diamond crossing then, yes the AI does not regard this as an obstuction and will signal a train on the opposite line normally and if it is timed right the train will pass straight through it without crashing. The link as posted by Lynxfan will give you an alternative method of signalling. I hav,nt tried it myself as it appeared a bit complicated. There are other methods however. My favourite is to remodel the junction. Instead of a diamond crossing you have a main to main crossover followed by a single point switch to take you onto the branch. If the branch is a single line this method is a more realistic way of doing it. If the branchline is double track then you would also have a 2nd point switch which brings you off the branch onto the mainline. You could also try a simple trigger rule but this is more restictive from an operational point of view and may only be useful for a specific scenario. You were also unsure about signals and what a particular message meant. Difficult to explain without seeing your route but in your case if you have a double track mainline and a double track branchline you need 6 signals for the junction. One on each track approaching the junction, each of which has a another signal in rear which acts as a distant. Don,t forget to add yellow direction markers as needed. The signal taking you from the main to the branch should have a feather route indicator and not a theatre type. I could add a lot more but this post is awfully long as it is. Feel free to post further questions, the more specific the better.
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